About US

Pacific Realty Partners
When you talk about hard working people there are just a handful that work harder than Paul LeJoy. There’s a compelling reason behind all his hard work. He wants to make it BIG in this life, not just for himself, but for others. Born in Cameroon in West Africa to a poor family, Paul has not allowed his humble beginnings to humiliate his aspirations, vision and drive. The author of It’s Impossible to be Poor in America, Paul demonstrates that when one works hard, nothing is unstoppable. Allow Paul and his staff at Pacific Realty Partners, to assist you in making your dreams come true.

Swim in Paul’s experience and expertise in neighborhood revitalization. Since 2006, Paul has been acquiring and remodeling homes through the investment wing of his real estate enterprise. In fact, he commits to make your home sparkle and sell fast for top dollar. If you don’t believe him, just take a look at www.ifitsparkles.us and you will see a sampling of some of the homes he and his crew have worked on.

Speaking of crews, Paul employs over 40 agents at Pacific Realty Partners, the brokerage firm he founded in 2007. He also has several construction and staging crews. Your home will sparkle, sell fast and for top dollar. Guaranteed! Don’t have the money to make it sparkle? No worries. Paul will find a way to make things work for you. Just rest assured that your home will sparkle, will sell fast and for top dollar.